Aug 10, 2011

Kitten Helps Change a Flat Tire

One of my worst fears is getting a flat tire. I'm terrified of it happening when I'm driving on the highway.

But I don't know... if this cute kitten was there to help me change my tire if it happened, I might not be so scared after all! Kitties always want to help with everything, don't they?

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  1. Aiiieeee! That is one of my Mommeh's biggest fears, too. She commutes on the Sawgrass and then the Turnpike. 

  2. What a BIG help he is!! I think everyone should carry a kitten in their car just for changing tires. :)

  3. FUNNY!!! That liddle kitten was CUTE-- and would stay cute if he stayed indoors!! I hope that little kid who owns him keeps him indoors now.

  4. The publicist and the male person had a blowout in the big trailer on rte 10 in Florida. It was not pretty. The bottom of the trailer got all ripped up from the steel belts of the tire.

    None of the Farm cats - well they weren't Farm cats then, they were Trailer cats - tried to help fix it.

  5. That is one cute kitten and what a huge help he was. Love the video.

  6. O-M-Geeez!~ Can't 'ya see I'm just trying to help 'ya!


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