Aug 7, 2011

Sleepy Sunday: Tiny Kitten Takes a Tiny Stretch

This is Mimi, a tiny kitten stretching her tiny paws and yawning with her tiny mouth. What a precious, perfect little thing!

The video says Mimi is six days old and was abandoned by her mother outside this nice woman's apartment. She brought her in and cared for her, and gave her lots of love, of course. Don't you just feel all restful and relaxing watching the sweetie?

BONUS CUTE: Here's someone petting a baby squirrel!


  1. Adorable beyond words!  Truly precious. 

  2. so precious...looks like she is very happy in her new home!!

  3. Hehe. It's possible. Google Translate said "Mimi," but you never know with that. Sometimes it's a little off, I'm sure. ;) Cute either way!

  4. I was thinking Mimi was a boy cat too...but very cute

  5. Looks like a boy Mimi to us but who cares about a name. He/ she is too cute. Take care.


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