Feb 24, 2010

Baby Lion's Fierce Roar...

Fierce? Maybe I should go look up the definition of fierce again in the dictionary...

Just like everyone else in this world, a baby lion has to learn to crawl before he can walk. Or, in this 3-month-old lion's case, he needs to learn to mew before he can roar. RAWWWWRRRR, little buddy! :)

And then, one day when he gets big and strong, he'll sound like this:

Now that's fierce!

Pimp update: He's definitely feeling a little better, but under the bed is home base right now. I want him to feel better so he'll come out and hang like he normally does!

He is not a good boy about taking his medicine, but so far I've managed to be able to get more of it in the cat than on the carpet or myself, so that's good. ;) And I think his tongue isn't hurting him as much because he is eating -- not a ton, but enough. Good boy, Pimp.


  1. That little lion does need some practice. The big lion does have a huge roar. We need to stay away from that big kitty.
    Glad to hear that Pimp is a little better. Glad you are getting more medicine down him that on you. Get better Pimp. We are sending purrs for Pimp to recover.

  2. Oh the joy of trying to give kitty medicine! :(

    So glad Pimp is feeling a bit better. Hopefully soon he will be back to himself!

  3. That is so cute! Hey Pimp, take your medicine!!!

  4. Haha -- too cute! We're sorry to hear that Pimp is sickly but glad he's doing better. We're sending purrrrrrrrs that he'll be really better soon! (Take your meds, dood!)

    purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. C'mon Pimp! I hope you feel better soon. Take your medicine!!!!

    Don't worry about food as much as water. He's just got to have water. Keep us posted--we are praying for Pimp over here.

  6. So sorry to hear about Pimp...
    Pimp you better take your medicine and get better soon!
    *extra special sweet nosekiss*

  7. cute but slightly concerned why those people have a baby lion in their home?!? anyone else?!


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