Mar 30, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Toys and Toesies!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, everyone! Today Moo wants to show you one of his fancy toys and Pimp wants to show you his toesies. We're all for "T" stuff today.

Moo got a Bolt laser toy a few months ago. He used to play with it a lot before we moved, but I pulled it out for the first time in our new house a couple days ago. I think maybe he forgot how to use it.

See that moving red dot on the wall, Moo? That's the laser you're supposed to play with, not the invisible spot you seem to have found...

Oh well. Moo is special -- I always knew that. :)

Pimp is special, too -- 'specially cute and handsome! I love close-up pictures and videos of him. He has the best expressions and the most telling eyes.

So I decided to say hi to him on camera. And he decided to clean his feet. What are you gonna do? Haha.

No doubt he has the cleanest lion-sized kitty toes I know!

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Ha! Love Moo ignoring the laser light and trying to catch an invisible spot ~ so funny!

    And what a perfect heart shaped nose Pimp has ~ as well as very clean toesies of course! :)

  2. I really enjoyed the videos!!! Don't feel bad Moo, I've chased those invisible spots myself...and Pimp, you're gonna have the cleanest toes ever!

  3. Moo, you are a silly-billy! Pimp, you have such a handsome face!

  4. Dat Moo is so very handsome and seems like a laid-back kind of guy. I see Pimp likes the lazer thingy about as much as I do - 30 seconds worth - den boring! he he - we had to laugh at these.

  5. Moo, sometimes we can't find the light either. You were very smart to have an invisable dot to chase. And Pimp you are just wonderful cleaning those toes. Great videos.

  6. Those are so cute! Moo is not the only one to completely miss the dot - it happens at our house too! And Pimp is so cute - kind looks like he was going to doze off at first. But he really does have big toes!

    Oh, we saw your BlogPaws interview - it was great! We wish we could go (or at least we wish our mom could) but that is how it goes sometimes!

  7. Those are cute and funny movies!! very enjoyed watching them!

  8. I am with ya Pimpster. Gotta keep that toe jam down. Just meowin'. I'd be after the red dot, though, Moo. And that wall SOOOOOO needs a couple of Two Cat Tuesday painting from BZTAT. Oh, yeah. It is gonnna be gettin' some soon!

    The Brew

  9. Looked like Moo was kind of like: Meh. Laser dot? I've seen better. ;)

  10. that's a cat for you....when in doubt?....clean, clean...clean........

  11. Moo is so funny! We don't have a lazer thing around here but we do have invisible spots!

    Pimp does have a very handsome and expressive face! He also has really clean (and big) toesies!


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