Apr 2, 2010

Quick Cutes: Yawning Cats

After a long work week, I'm usually pretty tired on Friday, so I can only imagine how tired our cats must be.

I mean, all that napping, eating, purring, playing, napping, napping... No wonder these kitties are yawning today!

Clearly, not a morning cat... (Photo by Samantha Decker.)

You haz a yawn or a complaint? (Photo by Andrew d'Entremont.)

Reaching for some late-night treats maybe? :) (Photo by Ms Kat.)

Puffed, fluffed and pooped. (Photo by Panhandle Becky.)

I don't think this lion's sleeping tonight! (Photo by amy-kimmel.)


  1. Those made us very sleepy! They are very suggestive!!

  2. Well I was yawning too. The fourth one is the best. They are all good though. Have a great week end.

  3. Whoa! That was one floofy cat there!

  4. We kitties can yawn better than just about anyone! That's 'cause we practice a lot.

  5. Cute but have you seen this: so cute - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkPNa4DBFHI


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