Mar 5, 2012

Meet Sweet Pea, My Favorite Parking Lot Kitty!

Those of you who follow the Cute's Facebook page have probably seen my posting about Sweet Pea lately. She is one of the kitties I feed in my (former) office parking lot. She went missing for a few days last week, and worried us to pieces.

Say hello to the beautiful miss Sweet Pea! This is her supermodel photo that I took a few months ago.

Sweet Pea is a chunker of a girl with the sweetest personality and disposition. She loves to be petted (until she's had enough and prances away like a princess) and rarely meows. When she does, though, it's a tiny little meow that comes out of that big girl.

Anyway, last week she disappeared for a few days and we were very worried. Sweet Pea is on a very regular routine and comes like clockwork for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. She doesn't miss a meal... as you can see from looking at her. ;)

So after just one day of her not there, her other parking lot mommy told me she was worried, and I agreed. We searched and called for days, even walking through every single bush in the area in case she was hurt and couldn't come to us, but no Pea. I was really thinking the worst.

But then, like a miracle, she showed up last Thursday! Happy happy HAPPY day!

Where could she have gone? We have no idea and she refuses to tell us. She is spayed, so she wasn't out flirting around. My best guess is that she somehow got locked in somewhere and couldn't come, although I have no idea where that would be.

She didn't look like she felt very good, though, and she wasn't eating (she had to be starved after four days of no food!). We were happy she was there, but now we were worried there was something wrong with her.

So Friday and Saturday we kept an eye on her. Brought her deli meat to entice her to eat -- she'd eat that, but had no interest in her regular dry or canned. She didn't physically look like she had anything wrong, but her face just looked miserable and mopey and just like she wasn't feeling good. (That's her mopey face over there on the right. See what I mean?)

But then Sunday morning, I got a text from her other parking lot mommy saying that she was there feeding them breakfast. She asked me to tell her what I thought of Sweet Pea when I went by later in the day. She didn't want to tell me what she thought so that I'd make my own opinion.

I went by to give them lunch (these kitties are lucky and loved!) and there was Pea, just like clockwork. I went over to say hi to her and immediately I saw what her other mommy saw -- she looked way better!

Here is a video of Sweet Pea! I promise my voice isn't normally like that... only when I talk to kitties.

The sparkle was back in her eye, she didn't seem droopy and sad anymore and, best of all, she chowed down on her whole pile of dry food like she had always used to do before!

Whew! We were thinking we'd have to take her to the V-E-T today, but I think that she just had a really bad week last week and now she's better!

All fingers and paws crossed she stays better. I get so worried about these kitties. And Sweet Pea is my favorite one out there right now.

I'll keep you posted! I post more often on Facebook about stuff like this, so if you want more regular updates, make sure you follow there.

What a great way to start the week... with a back-to-normal Sweet Pea! I love my parking lot kitties.


  1. Aww! What a beautiful kitty, I'm glad she's okay. She looks very much like my little Martha. Right down to the little white parched on her chest Hooray for Sweet Pea!

  2. What a sweet Kitty, so glad she's okay.  And she looks just like my little Martha with the small patch of white on her chest.  Hooray for Sweet Pea.

  3. Sweet Pea looks similar to my Mimi.  Mimi is a voluptuous girl too.

  4. Sweet Pea is adorable and is lucky to have friends who love her
    and take care of her.

  5. Hi Pea! (sorry, I can't get my voice any higher!) lol

  6. She may have eaten something bad, like a mousie or something. I'm just glad she is better! Whew!

  7. So happy that Sweet Pea is back and now feeling better too. She looks like such a sweetie - I can see where she got her name and why she stole your heart!

  8. I'm very happy to hear that Sweet Pea is doing better! Maybe she just wasn't feeling good, you know, like us humans have icky feeling days? Maybe she even ate a bug that didn't agree w/her! She is one sweet cat, can't wait to hear more about her!
    PS, the kitty voice was cute. Isn't funny how we all speak in a different tone to our kitties? teehee

  9. Awwww (I did wonder if that was your real voice or not :-D..
    Grayball says "Hi Girlfriend" as she used to be a street cat as well.  Grayball likes being totally indoors now! We are soooooooooo happy she is better. Maybe it was just a virus. have a super day  

  10. I wish I could adopt her - I'd give her a very loving and safe/warm home! Jan
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  11. Maybe she just ate something and it had to pass through her system.
    I'm glad she's back and feeling better

  12. Just curious...she seems like such a gentle soul...can't anyone catch her and see if she will live as a house cat...and outdoor cat has such a short life expectancy its worth a try.

  13. So glad Sweet Pea is back, and acting normally again.  It is such a worry when they wander off and you can't find them.  I've had my turn at calling the shelter to report Mary missing when they lived outside and Paulie (her father/husband/mate) used to wander the streets calling "Mar Mar" as well.  She did return fortunately and are safely inside, not wanting to go out in the miserably cold weather we are having.  They are too comfortable with their beds, and comfort chairs.  Sweet Pea ylou just stay where you are loved and cared for.  Be a good girl.

  14. Hi John! Sweet Pea would make an amazing inside kitty! It's just a matter of having an "inside" for her to go to. :) 

  15. People are surprised when they meet me in person and hear my voice... since all you guys hear usually is my kitty voice! 

  16. Here's an interview Iams' did with me at one of the past BlogPaws conferences. You can hear the real me! Haha. 

  17. Congratulations to all of you parking lot mummies. You are just wonderful! Thank you so much for taking care of those kitties. It's hilarious that sweet Sweet Pea is eating again. (In German we have a saying that rhymes "Eine Weile war sie krank, jetzt frisst sie wieder, Gottseidank"- roughly translated: A while she was sick but now she eats again thanks God. Hopefully she stays healthy but under your good care the won't be a doubt.


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