Oct 18, 2012

Baby Sloth Yawning

For such funny looking animals, baby sloths sure are cute! And as it turns out, they are even cuter when they're all worn out and pooped from a long day of slothing around.

I can't imagine being a baby sloth is very exhausting, but whatever this guy did all day has him yawning the biggest baby sloth yawn ever!

BONUS CUTE: Baby sloth bath time!

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  1. Why is it that so many baby sloths are orphaned?. What are the predators that Mum has to watch out for? Or are the Mums hit by vehicles?
    They are so gorgeous! Who could not fall in love with them instantly (babies OR adult Sloths) they fascinate me!!

  2. Oh my, what a cute behbeh!

  3. It's tough work being a baby sloth

  4. so cute;they always make me smile


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