Jul 1, 2010

Fat Kitty in a Little Bowl

I don't know if it's the music, the cat or the beautiful purring noises in this video, but I'm am so relaxed and happy after watching it.

I think I'll keep this link handy for stressful moments during the day. One quick view and I'll be all calm and serene again. Hope you feel the same way.

(Scroll below for update on Black Kitty...)

Black Kitty news!
Cuteheads, WE DID IT! Black kitty was rescued from that Henry Co. animal control thanks to Bobbie from Cats, Goats, Quotes. She's going to stay with her for a little and possibly another temporary foster until the nice people from FuRR Feline Rescue fly out to come transport her and take her to her new daddy in Arkansas!

Plus, because of all the press Black Kitty got, another cat was saved from that shelter yesterday as well! What an amazing day. :)

What a lucky kitty. She went from having almost zero chance of staying alive, to now looking forward to having a happy, loving home! Big thanks to everyone involved!

Read more about her here also: http://www.coveredincathair.com/content/not-my-watch-luckiest-black-cat-ever


  1. What a bootiful cat - sure is determined to lay in that small bowl!

  2. It made us feel relaxed and happy, too!

    And hooray for the adoption of the beautiful black kitteh!

  3. Okay.... I'm off to take a nap now. Where did I leave that sun puddle?

  4. That is a super video. That cat is such a great actress to get in the bowl, purr like crazy, wiggle until comfy and then off if goes. It was very relaxing. Have a great day.

  5. That sure is a bowl full of cute! I was so happy to hear the news on the black kitty and the other too...YAY for Bobbie!!!

  6. Now is that cute or what!!

    Yay for the black kitty! And kudos to all of you who worked so hard to make it happen.

  7. It's true....Life is a bowl of kitteh!

  8. It's wonderful, thanks so much!


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