Jul 3, 2010

Super Fast Kitty Attack

Don't blink or you might miss this stealth kitty on the attack! And watch your fingers, too... they're not safe around him.

UPDATE about below: Little Meow has the BEST home now. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!

Also, Cuteheads, please keep spreading the word that LITTLE MEOW needs a home! She is a very special cat that needs a very special family -- and I know we can find her one if we work together. Every mention, every post and every tweet means the world to me and her.

She is one of my favorite cats in the whole world and, while it breaks my heart to have to let her go, she is NOT SAFE in the parking lot anymore where I've always fed her. She is sweet and loving... and wants to love YOU.

Thank you for helping out. Let's find Little Meow a forever home!!!

Click here to read her story, see her video and help spread the word!


  1. That is too funny!! The box lid made for the perfect cover!

  2. Great video. That is one fast cat. Will put out the word about Little Meow.

  3. That sure is a quick little boxer! I hope Little Meow gets a wonderful home really soon!

  4. Wow! No kidding about being super fast!


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