Jun 30, 2010

Noms... NOW!

There may be nothing more demanding in this world than a hungry kitten...

And this cute little crew of fosters is no exception! They had been sick, so their human has to chop their food real fine, add water and add medication -- before the noms can be put down. All this takes time though... and kitties don't get that concept!

GREAT NEWS! The black cat that you probably saw all over the Cute's Facebook page and Sparkle's page and tons of other places has FOUND A HOME! We were able to arrange for someone to break her out of there and keep her till the weekend... then the lucky cat is flying to ARIZONA to meet her new family! How exciting is that?! Huge thank you to everyone who helped out and spread the word. If all goes as planned, we saved a life yesterday! :)


  1. We remember that impatience so well! Alfie Marshall is STILL like it now and he is 2 in September!

    Milo xx

    PS: We read the black cat is being rescued (in Cats/Goats/Quotes comments) ~ YAY!

  2. I loved this video so much that I've saved it onto my phone to watch over and over :-)

  3. They know how to sing for their supper!

  4. That is one terrific video. I want to watch it a couple of times too.
    Is it true that black cat did get rescued?? I sure hope so.

  5. very cute!!! The tabby with the 4 white paws and napkin around his neck looked just like my first cat Bobo.

    Someone should tell the owners though to ditch the plastic serving bowl...it causes kitty acne!

    Cat Chat Caren http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  6. so cute!!! i love it! that tabby is hysterical, trying to do whatever to get to the food - kamikazi style!

  7. Well, what was takin' those humans so long??? Those kittens weren't JUST meowin', they were MEOWIN'!!!

    Just meowin',
    The Brew


    I've seen it more than once on Kitten Roulette. I love how there's one of each flavor of kitteh, each more hongray than the next.

  9. Oh, poor starving kitties. You can see how mistreated they are......
    Poor, poor kitties ;)

  10. Binga is nearly 10 years old and she is STILL like that!

  11. Poor little critters...they just can't wait any longer! YAY for the sweet little GA girl!!!

  12. Theyare so precious.  I do so wish that I could do a lot more.  As it is the only thing I can offer iw prayer.  But that's the most powerful thing there is.


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