Jan 11, 2009

Cat Takes Over Weather Report

Today's weather is mostly sunny, with a slight chance of showers. Looks like we've got a cat moving in from the east...

Lupin the cat calmly walks into the live report, and the weatherman just scoops him up and keeps on going. Every news station should have a resident cat. I'd so much rather watch Lupin than, say, Rick Sanchez on CNN...

Too bad I don't speak German -- I'd love to hear what's he's saying about the cat strolling in. Surely he comments. :)

*A special meow goes to Marci for sharing this (and one for Lupin the cat, too)!


  1. sooooo cute. I liked how the cat sniffed his beard. very sweet!

  2. He says something like:

    And This is the cat who is also allowed in the studio and I am just going to pick him up now. Can you still hear me? Yes the microphone isn't blocked.  and then he goes on with the weather forcast

  3. AWESOME, Daniela! I love that! Thank you! :)


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