Jan 13, 2009

Moo: The Newest Member of My Family!

Well, those of you that have been following know Moo the cat showed up on my porch a few weeks ago. I've been feeding him, petting him, loving him and worrying about him since then.

And he's been steadily working his little way into my little heart -- and it worked! As of last night, I brought him in and am the proud mommy of a Moo.

Now, I've been the proud mommy of a Pimp for nine years now, so naturally I'm a little worried about him adjusting, but I think it'll all work out OK. They seem to tolerate each other right off, so that's good. I know they'll be best friends real soon!

Check out their meeting in this quick clip and some pics below...

Aren't they just the cutest thing?


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