Dec 22, 2008

Cute "Pet" Spotlight: Moo the Kitty

Here's Moo. He's udder-ly fabulous. He showed up on my front porch a couple days ago, and hasn't left since.

He hangs out on my back porch now (that's where I'm feeding him since it's safer away from the street). I put a towel on my Adirondack chair and he's made himself right at home back there...

Moo really is the cutest, most friendly thing. Check out his little spotted sweetness in the video down there.

I wish he had a good inside home! Anyone looking for a perfect kitty?! Please email me!

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  1. He's just the cutest little guy! I hope he finds a good home! I'll ask around...

  2. OK. Pass his picture and video along! He really is the sweetest thing. Sweetest, friendliest "rescue" kitty I've come across yet. :) He's comfy on my back porch, but I'd rather he had a cuddly home...

  3. UPDATE: Moo has a home... mine! After I posted this, he convinced me that I should be his mommy, and so now I am!

    He's the best and I'm so glad I brought him in. :)

  4. Moo said, I like it here! I am going to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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