Jan 9, 2013

Baby Bulldog Learns to Walk (and Makes the Silliest Noises Doing It!)

Tebow is a teensy little bulldog who is just learning to take a few steps. He is trying SO hard, you can just tell by all the noises coming out of him.

Keep it up, Tebow! You'll be as big and strong as your namesake in no time.

Full disclosure: I'm a Gator and I think this dog is extra cute because of his name! Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Heidi P., for sharing this cute baby bulldog video! Why not subscribe to Your Daily Cute by email? Don't miss a Cute!


  1. OMC! Bless it's baby heart! Where, oh where is it's mommy? I think he should still be with her at least until he learns balance and to walk. Hope mommy's there too. Such a darling wee thing, and a giant effort. I feel for him . Too cute - I'd want to pick him up and help him.

  2. Those baby bulldogs are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!"Can't lift up my belly"!!!! Hellpppp

  3. That is one fierce, determined and just precious dog you have there. I wish I could hold him for one minute, I think he would make my day better. Thanks for sharing.

  4. that is adorable. Plus one of my foster kittens is on my lap and tried to get to the puppy through the screen... :)

  5. Baby bullie! Show me a bulldog puppy and you can get me to do just about anything. <3

  6. What a wonderful puppy!!! He's almost purring, right before he barks! Keep it up, Tebow!!!


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