Dec 11, 2011

Dog Gets Her Bone Back from the Cat Burglar

Gita the German Shepherd and Yasu the Bengal kitten are the best of friends. Yasu thinks that means they can share toys, so he went ahead and decided to play with one of Gita's favorite stuffed bones.

Gita had other ideas though, and decided to take her bone back -- in the most gentle, sweet, big doggie love way.

The moral of the story? Bones are for doggies.


  1. hey no fair, he was waving it around and flaunting it in front of kitty!!!! 

  2. What a gorgeous cat and a sweet dog!

  3. Yasu didn't give up easily; we wouldn't either, big dog or not!

  4. I want to play with these two Dx

    ~ Kieli ~


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