Mar 29, 2009

Pimp the Cat Eats a Peep (Cute Video!)

My cat Pimp LOVES Peeps. Whenever I eat one, he follows me around the house, jumping to the highest point of whatever furniture he can to get as close as felinely possibly to the Peep.

Pimp loves Peeps. I love dressing him up. The combination of the two is priceless...

Pimp the Cat Eats a Peep

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  1. Still a stud, after all these years...

  2. Ears first! Confused by the marshmallow-y goodness :)

  3. That was great! Pimp, you're losing your ears!!!

  4. aren't peeps unhealthy for cats?

  5. They're basically just sugar. He didn't really eat any... he just likes to kind of nom on the ears. :)


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