Aug 28, 2008

It's All About the Pink Noses

I'd like to introduce you to two members of The Daily Cute family.

On the left, Pimp, my perfect son -- he's fat, friendly and The Man. On the right, Pumpkin, my coworker's orange obsession (people threaten to un-friend her on Flickr because she takes posts many pictures of him).

I was going through said Flickr photos when I noticed that Pumpkin took almost the same exact picture that Pimp took a while ago! It was too cute of a coincidence, so I had to share...

(Personally, I think Pimp's is cuter, but maybe I'm a little biased... Look for more Pimp posts to come!)


  1. AAWW Both are tuce... (Well pumpkin is my son!!!- off course I think He's the cutest ...) I want eat them!

  2. awww...such cuties!

  3. Don't you just want to kiss them both?

  4. Please add some dog pictures. kthxbie

  5. maybe they could make a nosedrop commercial

  6. Pimp looks high! Open your eyes dude!


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