Nov 6, 2009

The Many (Cute) Faces of Maru

Maru's back! But this time he's not in a box or in a bag... he's in a hole?

Looks like cute game of "cat and mouse" if you ask me!

Note from Cute: Hi Cuteheads! Saturday is the big launch day for Santa Paws Drive -- a HUGE charity project to help shelter animals have a happy holiday season!

All fans of Cute are cordially invited to attend! Follow @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter and get more details here. It's all organized by, @BabyPatches ( and @frugaldougal (!

Let's help make this a great holiday for some less fortunate furry friends!


  1. this was one of the cutest things we have seen in a long time. what a sweeeet face!!!

  2. Really cute kitty. What a good idea to design that. Love the squished up nose near the end.

  3. That is one busy kitty. I think he needs a publicist. heh heh

  4. Maru is da best!! Soooo funny

    purrs, MC

  5. Maru is absolutely adorable!


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