May 29, 2009

Crossing Guard Helps Cat Cross

Cat Crossing!

A friend of mine found this aww-inspiring photo in a forum somewhere and passed it along -- and I had to put it up on the Cute!

If I was a crossing guard, I'd help cats and animals cross the street all day. Lord knows it was just two days ago that I was late to work because there was a turtle crossing and I had to shoo him to safety out of the road. And I can't count the times I've stopped to let duckies pass...

I wish I had more info on this picture though. If anyone does, please let me know!

*Thanks to Melinda for finding the cute cat crossing picture!

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  1. I think this is at a school in Orange County - If you look at the pics the crossing guard is wearing the same clothes. The cat hangs out with her every day and gets lots of affection from the kids.


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