Nov 22, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: The Difference Between Pimp and Moo

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to take today to say how thankful I am that I have Pimp and Moo in my life! And, I wanted to tell you guys about what makes them each so special.

The boys are both sweet and adorable and loving, but they definitely have their own little quirks and differences. It's what makes them so unique!

Pimp purrs louder than Moo. Like a dull roar. You can hear him across the room. Moo has a delicate little purr that only ramps up when he's really, really happy.

Moo is a bigger cuddler than Pimp. Unlike most cats, with Moo, cuddle time can be your idea or his. If you start it, he's all for it! Pimp like to cuddle, too, but not as exaggeratedly and it has to be his idea.

Pimp has stripes and Moo has spots!

Moo only likes crunchy treats. For some reason, he can't eat the soft ones. It's kind of cute to watch, they just kind of fall out his mouth. Pimp loves ANY treats.

Pimp likes to drink water from the bathroom sink and will sit there for hours waiting for me to notice he wants it on. Moo only drinks from his kitty fountain.

Moo likes all toys, especially wand toys and stuffed animal ones that are almost as big as he is. Pimp only likes toys that are mice.

Pimp has to have a tiny bite of everything I eat. He begs. (I only give him stuff that is OK for kitties, of course.) Moo couldn't care less about people food.

Moo like to be in boxes. Pimp likes to be on cat beds.

Pimp is a people cat and the first one to greet anyone new at the door. Moo is the first one to hide under the bed if someone who is not me comes in.

Moo doesn't care for canned food. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Pimp has giant lion-sized paws. Moo's paws are tiny and dainty. Really, "dainty" is the best way to describe them.

Pimp comes when I shake the treat bag, open the pantry where the cans are kept, open the refrigerator, shake out a vitamin or Advil (I guess it sounds like treats shaking?), rustle the deli meat wrapper... You get the idea. Moo comes when I call him.

And I know I'll think of more ways they are different and add them as the day goes on!

So how are your kitties different? What makes each one so special? Let's all share in the comments!

One thing's for sure... They're both cute!


  1. Ooo we gotta do this on our bloggie tomorrow...

  2. My girls are sisters but are very different.  Martha is more vocal and will trill and meow when you call her.  Rose is more touchy and loves to rub everything in her path.  Rose's purr is extremely loud, and I can tell where she is when she is purring. Martha is a quieter purrer but once she gets going she sounds like a little engine.  I wouldn't be without either of them.

  3. I am a lap cat and spend hours sitting on my Mommeh's lap in the evening.  Harley comes up occasionally, but only stays for a few minutes.

  4. I think this sounds like a good subject for the Blogs too.  Now let me see ..... 6 cats, WOW, that's a lot of differences.  Maybe .....

  5. Kitty quirks!!! What, kitties have quirks? Of course they do, but they're only *cute* quirks!!!

  6. We have a mother and daughter, Charlotte and Elsie. Charlotte is very independent, a little standoffish, and mostly interested in sleeping and eating. Elsie is a little firecracker. While she's a bit high strung and not much of a cuddler (and she's TERRIFIED of new people -- she'll hide under the bed or couch when unfamiliar people come in the house and not come out for hours), but she's very active. She loves to hunt, play, run around in random fits of energy and just generally get into trouble before she passes out for a few hours, then does it all over again!

    The differences between them are hilarious to watch, especially when Elsie tries to get Charlotte to take part in her shenanigans. Charlotte usually just wrestles her into submission, then goes back to sleep.

  7. One thing is the same, they are soooo lucky to have a Mom who loves them as much as you do!!!! :-)

  8. I have 4 girls at home and they are all completely different! Would be easier to list the things they have in common than their differences! LOL They ALL love treats of any kind! They all are terrible beggars but once they get a tiny taste they are satisfied and leave me alone unless it is tuna & then I have to eat that in the kitchen standing up. LOL They all Love their screened porch & big tall cat trees for sleeping. And of course they all love me! :)

  9. I have 10 cats in the house, and they are all unique.  Each and every one of them has something quirky they do and they are all different.  Sasha has this little squeak meow that doesn't sound like much, but it's her warning before she strikes.  Anna will love you to pieces, having gone from untouchable feral to domestic lover in the space of one good meal. All of my cats are rescues, except Grandma Miss Millie, and I wouldn't part with any of them.

  10. Just like us goats, cats have unique personalities. Sherpa the Farm cat hardly ever purrs.

  11. Din's my lovey kitty, while Fionna Grace is a bit standoffish.  She will be lovey at her own pace. She does like to play fetch with her favorite toy.  While Din likes soft balls to play with tell him the color ball you want and goes and gets it and then waits for you to throw it so he can go get it to throw again and again.  They each know they are loved and we know we are loved by them

  12. I love Pimp & Moo, so with all due respect, please accept my comment regarding only dry food for boys. Watch him closely for struvite crystals, which is fairly common with males who only eat dry. My daughter, my sister, and I have had cats that ended up in an emergency situation because of blockage. None of our kitties get dry now, not even the girls. My other daughter hasn't had this problem with her cats, but she does have a girl that will not eat canned! So, Moo is not alone.

  13. Thanks for loving them and for the concern! :) Moo is so weird. He really is. Sometimes lately he will go and have a few bites of Pimp's can... but only a couple bites. Then he walks away! I will be sure to keep an eye on both of them forever and ever. :) Pimp actually just started getting a can this past year. He's always been a dry food boy, too. I had never heard of what you mentioned. I'll look it up!

  14. i recently randomly found your blog and am in love with these kitties!! i had two kitties up until June when my "old man" Smokie passed away :( 

    he was the talker with the HUGE personality while his baby brother (Bandit) was a quiet lover. only at nights when no one else was home. now that Bandit is alone his personality has come out a lot. i never knew he had such a voice! 

  15. Love your website! and LOVE Pimp and Moo! 
    I have two cats. Quatro - who is black and white and Missy who is all gray with a white spot on her neck and on her belly....Missy was born the third of the litter of four. Quatro was number four - which is why we named him Quatro (we kept saying "the fourth one" when talking about him...And actually, when he was born, the Momma was still cleaning up Missy (they were born seconds apart) and Momma wasn't paying attention to Quatro. We watched the birth, saw him in the sack and watched him struggle for air....we saw the sack move in and out as he tried to breath - and then it stopped! My husband bent over and gently pulled apart the sack and Quatro started breathing again! Now, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it....but let me tell you - Quatro absolutely loves my husband Tim. He sits and waits for him every morning and evening and when Tim sits down Quatro is ALL OVER him...Missy on the other hand is very aloof. She likes to do her own thing and only cuddles when SHE wants to....Missy likes to play with anything that moves...Quatro prefers the aluminum inside wrapper from a cigarette box crumbled up. They both play fetch and sit with us every evening when we relax watching tv...Missy likes to lay under blankets and Quatro just loves laps and being petted. When we don't pay attention to him he lays in the middle of the floor and rolls onto his back...They are so special to me and I thank you for letting me share this with you.

  16. Awww! Thank you for sharing Quatro (what a fun name!) and Missy with us! And what a sweet picture. They look like two little love bugs. 

    Quatro sounds a lot like Moo -- he's a super cuddler and he needs attention all the time!Aren't kitties the best? :)

  17. Both Moo and Pimp are gorgeous.  Sgt. Pepper was very much like Pimp - treats anytime, and a fantastic cuddler - on your lap at any time and welcomes anyone - loved his brushings and meowed loudly for more - he was all for "Me, me, me' but let his little older sister taste the moist foods before.  Mystique was never a great treat eater until later in her life.  She would sit on the mat in the kitchen and wait for me to 'pop a top' and would have to taste it right from the can first.  Pepper would wait for her....the king had his taster.  Mystique even when she was limited in movements and much smaller would curl up in my arms at night and I sometimes had to search for her as she was so small then.  I hope they are having a heavenly time across the bridge as I still miss them so.  Their ' furry' identities are in my bed with me at night to cuddle even though not the right colours.

  18. Laurie and the "Girls"June 27, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    My cat "Cheesecake" doesn't like wet food either.  She was adopted almost two years ago from our local shelter and when she came home I did my best to spoil her with wet foods.  I wient to the extremes---from the cheapest to the most expensive!  She wouldn't eat a bite and still doesn't!  Her three sisters can't get enough out of the can and I feel are glad she doesn't eat canned food because that means more for them! 


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