Jun 30, 2009

Baby Lions at the Tulsa Zoo

These two baby lions weigh about 15 pounds each -- that's the exact size of my cat, Pimp! One big difference though: These little guys are going to get real, real big. (Pimp is big, too... big pimpin'!)

I love seeing baby zoo animals, and these cuddly cubs are some of the best. Watch out for the belly rubs -- extreme cute!

More great lions, please.


  1. Oh my gosh! There is nothing cuter. It makes you want one so bad. I know that's not realistic, but I would just love to play with some when the mother wasn't looking of course :)

  2. When I was a kid I wanted a baby lion. I knew that they would grow up to be huge but I wasn't so clear on the carniverous part...

  3. Lordy I love 'em


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