Feb 26, 2009

Christian the Lion: New News!!

Oh, people... I'm so excited about this one! I just got an email from Amazon saying that there's a book about Christian the Lion coming out!

It's for young readers, but I don't care. I'll still get it -- this is one of the most heart-warming, sweetest stories I've ever heard.

Here's the Christian the Lion video that got me loving him so long ago...


  1. Aww...this almost made me tear up (especially with the accompanying musical score), UNTIL I saw the former owners who look like the 70s version of Siegfried & Roy! lol!

  2. Actually, both guys were great looking - you can get the movie of Christian the Lion (not just this short video0 from the Born Free group and see for yourself. Remember , in the late 60s ther was a variety of hairstyles for men "no one size fits all". I wonder what women would look like if they all wore one hairstyle. These guys , gay or not , had balls - that is a LION they are raising. That is a 300 lb. lion that races down to greet them in the video. And , when they went back several years later it was the same lion, Christian, who was then 400 lbs. And greeted them the same way! Notice if you will that one of they guys, John Rendall, in the UTube video reaches down to pet a wild lioness. LOL ? Try it sometime. (The other fellow-the one the lion jumps on the most, is Anthony Bourke NOT Ace Berg as it said on the UTube video. His nick name is Ace. He lives with two cats!) Both are alive in Australia and devoted their lives to helping wild animals and Bourke also ran a museum. They had orginally , after graduating from College, gone to London's progressive artsie area , Chelsey, where Mick Jagger lived, as they were interested in hairstyling and fashion - the Lion sure changed their career choices. Christian went to all their wild parties, and was a most welcomed guest. He rode around in a open Mercedes and also in a Bentley - both very expensive cars. He ate in Casanova's famous restaurant. He used a huge litter box (he was quite clean) and had mattresses to play with. He loved children and small animals - in the whole year he never bit anything. His days were spent laying on the furniture in the furniture store - his home was in the basement with the boys. The last four months in England were spent at a private country home and the boys gave up their job to live with him.
    There are TWO books coming out - one for kids and one for adults. Check with Amazon. They have different covers.

  3. Oh my goodness, anonymous, you know so much! I love it. Is all that in the video you talked about?

    I absolutely can't wait for the book. I love, love, love this story.


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