May 31, 2014

Deer Licks and Loves Cat

Hoppy the deer loves her kitty buddy, Tiptree! And the two of them like to groom each other and snuggle up and be best buds!

Hoppy was found as an abandoned fawn on a doorstep, and the people decided to raise her. She got big and strong, and made a best friend along the way! I was trying to find updates (this video is not new), and it looks like maybe they released her and continued to see her after.

Adorable love!

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  1. Old, new, deer, cat.... I don't care! Just plain <3 warming!

  2. "Somebody, toss me a towel!" ;-)

  3. OMGosh I fell in love with Hoppy! I went over to youtube and although they have 4 or 5 more videos, the movie of Hoppy they want you to rent for $2.99. I then went over and goggled Hoppy and NatGeo wild had his story, but i couldn't load it for some reason... I'll keep trying. Thanks for sharing i love deers!

    So at 3:15 this morning i wake up to my 9 cats running around from room to room trying to hide but hiding didn't help and they would run some more... The last time this happen there was a bear outside my living room window. Sure enough i go into the living room and there he is all 250 to 300 pound black bear eating the suet cakes and tearing apart my birdfeeders for the sunflower seeds... :(

  4. That is incredible! That cat sure got a good bath!


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