Jun 2, 2014

Cutest Baby Lamb Choir Ever

All together now... "Maaaaaa!"

These baby lambs are actually very talented. They are singing in perfect harmony AND in rounds!

(I just Googled that, by the way. I knew what it was, but not what it was called, so we all can learn something here: Singing in rounds is when one part of the choir starts, and then the other chimes in with the same thing, just at a different time.)

I dare you not to smile.

P.S. Remember when I got to cuddle a baby lamb? Cutest thing ever! I wish I could cuddle all of these little guys.

Thanks to Cutehead Christy for sharing this cute singing baby lambs video with us!

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  1. Good job, little lambs. Kind of funny but oh so cute!!!

  2. Oh they are too cute! And i'm still jealous you got to hold a baby lamb Dorian! ;)

  3. Hehe. One of the cutest things I've ever gotten to do! ;)

  4. I love how they just yell back at him. So funny!

  5. they are all : where is my momma????

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