Nov 28, 2009

Baby Goats Sheep Surfing!

This little goat is totally tubular, dude. Just catch a sheep and hang hoof, little buddy!

I bet Pricilla has seen some stuff like this before...

Note from Cute: See that Santa Paws Drive widget on my sidebar? If you haven't already heard, it's a charity drive I helped start to raise toys and treats to give to shelter animals for the holidays! For more info, click on the widget!

Plus, I've offered to donate 5 cents for everyone who follows Santa Paws Drive on Twitter to help spread the word! Follow @SantaPawsDrive and tell your friends so I can donate as much as possible!


  1. We think you're wonderful for starting the Santa Paws drive :)

  2. is my first time to visiting here my friends, introduce me im JR from ciamis, im glad to here from EC, wow ur articles is good, nice to read it. thanks

  3. That is so very cute. I want a baby goat. That sheep sure was patient with the baby goat jumping up and down on her. Fantastic video.

  4. HAHAHA! Oh, so cute. Is there anything cuter than a baby goatlet (other than kittens)?

    I'm going to follow @SantaPawsDrive as soon as I leave here. What a great cause!

  5. HaHaHa!!We think that is funny, Mom does not.
    Why? Because Bob and Patrick would get on her back when she got their water, or picked up something off the ground! They were just tiny little kids then!
    ~ Gracie


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