May 22, 2009

Fat Cat Says Bunnies are Yummy!

I can't say I'm surprised that this cute chunker wants to take a little nibble out of these baby bunnies -- it doesn't look like there's much Scooby the cat says no to when it comes to food...

But at the same time, Scooby loves the bunnies. Lick, lick, nibble (it's a love bite, really).

More fluffy bunny, please.


  1. I kinda feel sorry for the cat - How would you feel if someone dumped a bunch of rabbits on you? And then the woman says "Don't bite"? If I were the cat I'd take a chunk out of her...

  2. Aw, I know... Of course the cat's gonna bite. There are bunnies climbing ALL OVER him. Bunnies and kitties together are cute, though. :)

  3. At least kitty knows what "don't bite" means and doesn't mind cleaning the bunnies. Too cute!


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