May 19, 2009

Harley Hates Wrinkles

No, Harley is not interested in Botox... the kind of wrinkles he hates are in the bedsheets.

He loves to help make the bed, but he just can't stand when the fitted sheet bunches up (me either, Harley!). Must... straighten... them... out...

Doesn't Harley kind of remind you of Moo?

Want more Harley? Cute first met him over at his sister's blog: Daisy the Curly Cat.


  1. We love this video of Harley!! He is so funny!

  2. Wowie! Harley is very excited and proud to have his video featured here! But he still does not like wrinkled sheets.

  3. Harley is well known around these parts. I need to have him come over and help me make my bed! Good kitty.

  4. Can you please send Harley over to my house to get all the wrinkles out of my clothes!


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