May 18, 2009

Man Rescues Daring Baby Duckies (a must see!)

All news should be like this! No more bad news -- just all brave baby ducky rescues all day.

This is officially one of my favorite news stories ever: A man noticed a mommy duck making her nest in his 2nd-story office ledge. She was cute to watch... and then the duckies hatched and couldn't hop down to try and get to the water.

He watched from his office as one of the babies leapt to the ground below (and made it, but only have scaring him by laying motionless for a few seconds). And then he knew what he had to do. He rushed downstairs and caught every single one of those baby ducks as they jumped down to their mommy duck below... All nine of them!

And then he and his coworkers ushered the mommy ducky and her babies safely down the street to the water -- blocks away!

You MUST watch the video of it happening! This is my "I love people" moment of the week. I love this man for helping these duckies!

Unfortunately, I couldn't embed the video, so you'll have to go to where I first saw it. Watch the entire baby ducky rescue here:


  1. What a wonderful story! I love stories like this!

  2. Me too! And I especially love that there was video to go with it!

  3. This video is a must see. With all of the horrible things that are going on in this world, it's nice to know there are people out there that will go beyond to help something in need.

  4. Love good stories like this with happy endings!

  5. That is a wonderful story! That man is awesome!


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