May 21, 2009

Smoke's First Bath... (You gotta feel for this kitty)

As cute as this video is, you gotta feel for poor little Smoke...

Her mom keeps asking her if she likes the bath, and every single time poor little Smoke answers a long, miserable noooooo (at least it's clear to us that's what the kitty is saying), but the cat bath just goes on.

I've tried to bathe my cat, Pimp, a couple times. Now that he's big and strong enough to fight back, I won't be trying that anymore...

More little cat baths, please.


  1. Oh the poor little mite. 'Do you like the bath"? "The hell I do'

    Poor little sweetheart. I'm surprised Smokey didn't rip het to shreds!

  2. I know! My cat used to climb right over my shoulders and anchor himself into my back when I tried to give him a bath... Not so good for me. :)

  3. awww poor little kitty....

  4. Nooooooo, the kitty doesn't like the bath! :)


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