Jul 5, 2010

Baby Siamese Serenade

Charlie and Molly have been warming up their little kitty vocal chords to serenade you...

They like to sing in the key of cute. Take it away, kitties!

LITTLE MEOW UPDATE: She is going today to her temporary foster home. One of my best kitty friends (and one of The Meows' first back-up mommies if I ever went on vacation!) is going to babysit the sweet girl until we find her a forever home.

I am SO grateful to foster mommy Giselle for offering to take care of Little Meow. I know she will have the BEST home while she's waiting for her BEST forever home. Meow will have a temporary brother, Shongy, while she's there...I hope they get along! Updates coming soon of her in her foster home... Please keep spreading the word.

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  1. We like those meows of Charlie and Molly. They are so cute looking too.
    We are keeping our paws crossed that Little Meow finds a furever home. And Giselle, thanks so much for taking Little Meow out of the parking lot.

  2. Cute. They are so precious. I'm wishing for great forever home.


  3. omg hysterical! I've never seen baby siamese before! those ears! that face!

  4. Such cute little meow songs, I think they are singing for a wonderful forever home for Littel Meow!

  5. Shongy and the rest of the fam is anxiously awaiting Little Meow's arrival! We're so glad she is finally out of the parking lot and safe!

  6. Just precious!
    We are purring and purraying very hard for Little Meow to find the purrfect forever home!

  7. Yay for Little Meow! We must finds a furever home for her. Meowing da word arounds for you. Purrrrrrs


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