Feb 28, 2013

Best Harlem Shake Cat Video!

It was bound to happen eventually... and leave it to Shorty the cat to be the one to do it. Finally someone made a good Harlem Shake cat video!

Have you seen these Harlem Shake videos going around? I have no idea why their so funny, but all kinds of people and companies even are making them -- and now there is finally a Harlem Shake cat version!

P.S. If you haven't seen these Harlem Shake videos yet, do a quick search on Youtube (and prepare to waste at least 30 minutes of your life). I have no idea why they're so funny, but I giggle at each one! It's the silliest meme going on right now.

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  1. Too funny! Maybe we should all try this Harlem shake! LOL

  2. That's hilarious! Its the best one I've seen....since it is a Kitty doing it!!!

  3. Crazy Kitten! Lol!!


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