Mar 1, 2011

Two Cats (and a Bird) Tuesday: Vintage Catnip and Florence

Happy Two Cats Tuesday! Today Pimp and Moo decided Flo could share their day.

Last night, Pimp overindulged in the NIP. I had moved their giant scratcher to vacuum the back of the couch and he discovered the most ginormous pile of old, leftover catnip underneath it. It must have fallen off from when I first dusted it with NIP when we got it.

Oooh! I found the secret NIP stash! Mine all mine!

If I open my mouth real wide and nom the carpet hard, I can get more NIP!

Oh noes! Moo is on to me and my stash...

STOP EVERYTHING! You know how sometimes you take a picture and you don't realize just how cute it is or you don't see certain things in it until afterwards? Well, this is one of those. I knew it was cute, but I didn't realize just how cute it was... Click to biggify it if you want.

If you look closely at the top, you can see Moo licking my head! (And his little white foot at the bottom left.)

Those are moments I love, Cuteheads. They are few and far between with these two boys!

And now, I leave you with a video of Florence. No babies yet, but there must be eggs in there. She's sitting a little higher than she was at first. Come on, baby birdies! Come out and play!


  1. I just cracked up at pimp nomming the carpet!!!! Must get that nip!!!!! And Moo sneaking in a little pimp wash was awesome!!!

    BTW, Love the new pages at the top, very cool!!!!

  2. Nice catch their Pimp!! You found the lost NIP!! Hooray!! MOL!! Wait, Moo is here, is he trying to sneak in and get your NIP? Well, finders' keepers!! :-)

    ♥♥ ♥♥

    Check out the website and you'll find lots of nips there you can ask you mum to buy it for you. :-D

  3. Oh Moo, you are a sweetheart, and I have never seen a cat try to eat a carpet like that before!

  4. Oh Pimp, you do look a little nipped out. Are you the lucky one to find that stash of Nip. That bird is really pretty. We sure hope there will be babies soon. She doesn't seem to mind you being there. Great pictures.

  5. OMC! You bitey da carpet Pimp, I would has never thought of doing dat. Yay for NIP! And so sweets of Moo to comes to clean your head. MOL hehe

  6. So darn cute! That one of Moo licking Pimp's head is just so adorable!!


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