Jul 9, 2009

Twin Baby Moose Playing in the Sprinkler

This is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen... I remember watching it before, and can't believe that I didn't post it on the Cute before now.

It's two twin baby moose and their mom playing in a backyard sprinkler. Imagine having this amazing treat in your backyard! Have you ever seen anything more perfect?

The video was taken in Anchorage, Alaska last year. Lucky for us, it was captured on film so we can all enjoy it. I think I could watch it over and over again and smile bigger every time...

After this, here's another beautiful, heartwarming video: Christian the Lion.


  1. Ok how weird is it that video of two moose playing in th sprinkler reminds me of being a kid. Great find!

  2. I love this video. How amazingly cute are those babies!

  3. Amy, it's because that's JUST how we would have played as kids with our friends or siblings... It's amazing how similar we are.

  4. What a great video! They are having so much fun.

  5. This was amazing! Not sure why but I got teary-eyed watching it. Loved the beautiful innocence of the moment. Kids having fun & Mom enjoying her cool shower.


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