Feb 4, 2011

Kitten Challenges Big Doggie

On this side of the couch... The pint-sized puddy, with his fur all frazzled and his tail puffed and poofed.

On the other side of the couch... The big lug of a dog, calm, collected, gingerly sniffing his mighty mini playmate.

Who will win the standoff? I think we know who.


  1. yep I agree with Rumblepurr...let's establish from the very beginning just WHO is boss around here!

  2. hysterical! i love the couple laughing and loving on the pup! LOL

  3. KITTY: 1 DOGGY: 0 LOL

  4. he he - so cute. Dat little kitten is not afraid of the big bad wolf!!!!

  5. Who the Kitteh!!! Stand back doggy or feel his wrath!!!


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