Mar 13, 2009

Another Batch of Next Top Cat Model Entries!

We couldn't fit them all in yesterday, so here's another round of some of the fanciest felines in our America's Next Top Cat Model contest...

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(These are just some of the exciting entries -- make sure to come back Monday, after we choose the five finalists, to vote on the winner. Everyone will be able to vote!)

No makeup here, folks. That eyeliner is all natural.

copyright by BZTAT at Art Adventures Studios
This is what we call the sink-fill-double-paw-tuck-tail-wrap. It's a very complicated pose. Amateurs need not apply.

See the paw? It's POINTED, people. Very, very beautiful ballerina-like lines.

Clearly a natural cat model. The pout just so, the hips slightly to positioned to the side (Paris Hilton does this in all her photos, dahhling) and the ears just the right amount of perky. Wow.

Another complicated pose. This one requires flexibility and an exact amount of pooch to rest one's arms on. Then, top it off with "the look"... Stunning.

And finally, two festive entries...

Tuscany ------------------- Sphynx Cat Boo
Christmas comes just once a year, but that's no reason to not wear a perfectly good outfit.
Tuscany's concentration is unmatched by any other in this contest so far.
And Sphynx Cat Boo also stands out in a very different way, but we can't... quite... put... our... finger on it... Oh, yeah! Boo's bald, and beautiful.

Enter your cat today in the America's Next Top Model contest!


  1. That cat Misha is a total natural!

    From Misha,
    who is now relation to the Misha in the competition. It's just purely coincidental that we look similar.

  2. Misha should definitely be a finalist!!!

  3. That Misha is just stunning!

    Huffle Mawson

  4. *Swoons* Too much sexy from Misha!

  5. As a handsome Russian mancat, Misha is paws down the winner with us!!!!

    Alexi and the Russians at Krasota Castle Cats

  6. OK. I like Misha and all, but c'mon. Check out the Brew! I got my own sink pose like no other!

    Brewskie Butt "The Brew"
    c/o BZTAT

  7. That BrewskiButt is one cute kitty. Is there room for another kitty in with him?

  8. Pandora looks lovely and fluffy and very regal.


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