Mar 12, 2009

Record Litter of Dalmations Goes for a Walk

Disclaimer: Before viewing this picture, please be sure to warm up your ooohs and have a generous stock of awws on hand... You're going to need them.

This is the world's largest litter of Dalmatian puppies going for a walk. {insert ooh and aww #1 here} I tried to count, but what with all the spotted puppy butts and ears flopping around, I kept losing track. {time for ooh and aww #2}

And... it gets better. Here's a video of the Dalmatians when they were just babies!

{more oohs and awws (and lot's of 'em) go here}

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  1. Dalmatians are my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!! They are adorable.
    Kiss kiss to all dalmatians out there!


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