Jan 27, 2011

The Cutest Pair of Bunnies You'll Ever See

The cutest? Ever? I know it's a strong statement, but I'm making it. These two little fluffy white bunny brothers are quite possibly the cutest pair of bunnies you'll ever see.


And I thought that before I even saw the one on the right yawn...

BONUS CUTE: A whole bunch of other bunnies yawning!


  1. sooo adorable, I love the yawn!

    I wonder what kind of bunnies these are? Ohhhh Bunny Jean Cook where are you with the answer????


  2. love that one guy is so busy cleaning his paw (do bunnies have paws?). LOL! the other is just passed out!

  3. Eeeeee!!! It was so cute I had to look away...

  4. That is way too cute. Love the yawn. The one rabbit sure was busy. Loved it. Take care.

  5. The way the little nose moves is too cute!

  6. I've seen this video countless times lately, and I can't stop! The teeth on the yawning bunny are absolutely adorable. Plus, the floof on them both makes me want to cuddle with them!

  7. You know you are cute when all that you have to be adorable is to sleep. :)


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