Apr 10, 2010

Dachshund Tucks Himself into Bed

Cuteheads, you know how I LOVE dachshunds! One day, one day...

But for the time being, I'll be happy watching cute videos of them like this! This little guy is so, so, so smart -- he grabs his blankie, nudges it over to his bed and actually tucks himself in!

P.S. More BlogPaws stuff: I'm a speaker at the "Be the Change You Want to See" session at 2:00. We'll be talking about all the great things you can do to make a difference in animals' lives, pawpawty stuff and more! Come by and say hi!


  1. That was way cute and the little woofie did a great job.

  2. Ohhhh! That's so sweet. I love weiner dogs too. They always look like they have to work extra hard at everything.

  3. Have to make sure everything is comfy!

  4. Now if my cats would do that I'd be all set.

  5. Yah! Dogs are cute too!! DailyDogScoop.com

  6. okay, that is TOOOO ADORABLE! LOLOL


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