Apr 6, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: The Sheet Snuggler!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Can you believe BlogPaws is this weekend already?! If any of you are going, let me know so I can make sure to hunt you down (er, um... say hi!).

Today Moo is going to show you how he handles clean sheets. Clean anything, as you know, is basically against the law in a Cat House. The cat hair must be applied generously, and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, Moo was really just doing his job when he found this pile of warm, clean sheets on the bed...

These clean white sheets must be snuggled in! Now if I could just figure out how to strategically just shed my black furs...

It is also very important to get IN the pile, not just on it. That ensures maximum furring of the newly cleaned sheets. Plus, sleeping and shedding is multi-tasking.

YAAAAAWWWWNNN! Gosh, this is a rough job. A cat's work is never done.

Meanwhile, in the other room...

This is MY kickaroo. Just because it's cow-spotted doesn't mean it's Moo's...


  1. Moo rolling in the clean white sheets does look familiar! With Banjo it is laying on and crawling under the spare bedroom white comforter just after it's been washed! Yup, my mom has to sleep with the cat hairs when she comes to visit! Ha!

  2. Your fancy with white sheets!

  3. Oh look, Moo is sheet faced! I know you will have a great time at Blog Paws, tell them we said hello!

  4. so cute! love it! I will be at blog paws so be sure to look out for me! i'm clueless as to what classes/seminars to register for - i want to go to them ALL!

  5. See you at BlogPaws? In the Fur? Disco and Brighton will be there!

  6. Pimp and Moo you are the best especially at getting the hair on those nice clean sheets. Naughty Moo but what fun you are having. And good for you Pimp to play with Moo's toy
    Hope Mom has a good time at Blog paws. We can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. What else are clean sheets for except for cats?

  8. Cassidy always helps his Daddy make the bed.

  9. you were just initiating the new clean sheets moo. I like to do dat too. They especially nice if fresh out of the dryer.

  10. Pimp and Moo look so cozy and warm in the perfectly white sheets...zzzzz


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