Apr 7, 2010

3-Second Silliness: Pootin' Kitty

It's not like we haven't resorted to potty humor on the Cute before, but this one just made me giggle to much not to post it.

I know it's fake, but that didn't make it any less comical. Fair warning: I watched it three times. No idea why. It was just that silly.


  1. haha I had to watch it 3 times ;) 1st time i didn't have sound on though. Weird how the most bizarre things make us laugh

  2. That was funny. I watched it twice. It is strange how we think some things are so funny. Someone did a good job. have a super day.

  3. Snort!

    I just replayed it six times for the benefit of my beloved but flatulent cat sitting on the pillow next to me. His are silent but deadly, so he appreciated seeing how it's done.

  4. I had to watch it three times too!


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