Sep 15, 2011

Determined Kitty Jumps for Toilet Paper

Arnie knows that the toilet paper could be a really fun toy. There it is, just kind of hanging there, dangling above him with its shreddable goodness.

He jumps and hops, but it's just out of reach for his tiny little paws. But with one last boing... YAY! But now what?

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  1. Go little one, the fun is just starting!

  2. The publicist says that in 30 years of having cats - usually multiple cats at that - she has never had a tp shredder.

  3. Foster doesn't play with the tp when it's on the holder.  He prefers a whole new package of tp, takes it under the bed and shreds it.

  4. Mission accomplished! Lol!

  5. I want a kitty,I need a pet to keep me company


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