Sep 16, 2011

Little Girl Hugs Her Kitten for the First Time

Olivia is an adorable little one-year-old hugging her new kitten, Lily, for the first time. So sweet! All she wants to do is hug her and never, ever let her go.

I know little kids and kittens sometimes don't mix, but I absolutely love how great Olivia's parents are in making sure she knows that's a "real baby" and showing her how to hold Lily just right. And she is listening and doing is so well!

I wish I could remember the first time I hugged a kitten. Do any of you remember your first time?

Thanks to Cute's friend, Kathyrn, for sending over this adorable little girl holds a kitten video!


  1. She looks terrified!!! Purrhaps that someone is going to take the kitten from her!!!

  2. I remember seeing my 1st kitty under my grandma's porch & coaxing her out so I could hold her--then convince my parents to let her come home with me!


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