Jul 18, 2010

Conan's Fort

Conan the kitten made himself a fort. Good thing, too, because it comes in very handy when having to plan his rapid-fire attack against that evil finger lurking just outside...

Can you believe this is Conan's fourth time on the Cute?! We love him! More Conan here, here and here!


  1. Conan! You are so cute going after that evil finger!

  2. that is the cutest little black and white kitty!!!

    My cat would be having a "buffet" with that plastic!

  3. We always love to see Conan, he is a hoot and a hawler!

  4. Great place for a fort especially if you should get thirsty. Great video. Have a special day.

  5. I love Conan! I haven't seen this video before - don't know how I managed to miss it!

  6. I love cute little Conan! Thank you for not de-clawing him! 

    X's & O's....Headbutts & Purrs


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