Feb 10, 2011

Cat Helps With Puzzle

In typical cat fashion, Hugo just wants to help.

If the humans are doing a puzzle, and their are tiny little toys pieces all over the place, of course the cat will want in on the action!

He is a VERY big help, isn't he?

BONUS CUTE: Click on "a puzzle" up there for a puzzle from Pimp!


  1. I think this kitty could complete the puzzle faster and better than I could!

  2. I used to do puzzles all the time and that video demastrates perfectly why I don't do puzzles any more. It would take years with kitties walking across the puzzle all day long. Cute video.

  3. Ah yes, there is more than one puzzle missing a few pieces in our house thanks to a very mischievous kitty!

  4. I had a cat who loved to "help" us play chess and checkers. Too much fun!


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