Jul 21, 2011

Cat Rides a Snow Shovel

I know it's a million degrees outside for most of us (in the United States anyway), so that's why this video is so refreshing!

Milo the cat loves going for rides... on anything. And this snow shovel is no exception! Actually, I think this is something I'd like to do to cool off sometimes during one of our hot Florida days here!

P.S. I just got back from Vegas on late Monday after a long (but fun!) weekend. Pimp and Moo were super happy to see their Mommy when I got home and I'm so glad to be back. And no, I didn't win enough money to open up my own fabulous cat sanctuary like I had planned... ;) Maybe next time!


  1. he he - dat is funny!

  2. That is just too cute and funny, save him getting his little feet cold till hi fell off!!!!!!!

  3. just looking at the snow has helped cool me off! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks like a better way to remove the snow. Milo stayed on even over the bumps!

  5. Cool!  Odin loves the snow. I'll have to try this next winter.

  6. Whatever works, right?
    I am sorry you did not get rich in Vegas

  7. Glad you are back, but darn why didn't you win that money. Guess you tried. 
    Love the snow shovel ride.


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