Aug 4, 2011

Cat Meets Kitten, Kitten Kicks Butt

There comes a time in every kitten's life when they have to meet their older brother or sister. You know, the one who was there first and has already claimed all the good hidey spots and couch cushions.

And at this important meeting, it is very important for that kitten to make a good impression... and show that cat who's the new boss in town!

Allow Colby the kitten to demonstrate. This is how he handled his first meeting with Jangles.


  1. What an adorable kitten.  he he cute.

  2. That was a very patient older sibling, what a sweetheart!  And about kitten kicking some butt?  Well, in my book the "last man/cat standing" is the winner.  Kitten ran away... silly kittehs  :)

  3. I have to agree, The kitten held his own but didnt really win. What a cute kitten.

  4. Harry the Farm cat put the beat down on Sherpa. In that case Sherpa ran away....

  5. kitten is being submissive and showing belleh even though kitteh is v fiesty! LOL residient cat is a bit timid! 


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