Sep 26, 2011

Oh, Where You Reading That Newspaper?

Cats always make it impossible to do anything. They're in your face when you're eating, climbing on top of you when you're trying to sleep and always messing with whatever it is you're trying to read.

Like the Nero the cat and this newspaper... It's all the news that's fit to play with!

BONUS CUTE: Recognize Nero? He's the kitten dragging the giant blanket around from a couple months ago! He is silly, isn't he?


  1. I wonder what he read that got him so jumpy

  2. Readfing the newspapers or working on the computer is what cats do.  Also helping you on the piano.

  3. I agree, Nero. Those silly politicians need to straighten up or you might show up and pounce all over them!

  4. Funny how we humans just give up trying to read the paper & end up playing w/ them!!! LOL!!!!


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