Jul 27, 2012

Demanding Kitting Demands More Petting

Halo the cat knows what she likes... She likes to be petted. Now. And if you stop and she wants more, she'll tell you about it.

Demandingly adorable kitty, isn't she?

NOTE FROM CUTE: Oh my cat! I'm so excited! It looks like we're saving another cat, and this time sending her all the way up to a friend of Cute, Michelle, near Cleveland, Ohio! And not only that, but I think she's going to adopt another kitty, too! AND even better... they are both black cats. I LOVE black cats!

Venus is getting saved from Broward County Animal Control!
So, since it looks like Cute is officially in the rescue and transport business (I'm so happy to be able to help save these lives!), I want to get together a little database of people who might be open to helping with transport if a kitty needs a ride through your area.

I set up this form you can fill out to tell me your city and state and how far you would volunteer to drive. Then, when a kitty needs a ride and it's near you, I can contact you and see if you'd like to help! I am so excited about this. I think we'll be able to help even more cats if we can make the transport part a little easier!

If you think you might be open to volunteering to drive a kitty in need some time, please fill out this form. Of course, I'm not sharing any of your info - this is strictly for me and for kitty transport. Let's build up the ultimate Cutehead network! Yeah!

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  1. We know who is in charge of that situation, eh?

  2. This cat has the loudest purrs I've ever heard -- yes, even Moxie's
    purrs aren't *that* loud! -- so purrhaps Guinness needs to be

  3. Hi Dorian,

    Wonderful work for the kitties!  If you are interested, there is an organization called Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network that may have some information to help you transport cats.


  4. Oh my gosh so the black kitties are coming through my area! Let me know if I can help - I filled out a form last night! I am in North Canton, OH! Cleveland is one hour north of me. (Kathy Spicer)

  5. Black kitties rule!  My little Munchkin (saved from a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot) is the sweetest, snuggliest little girl in the world.  When she came to me as a 6 month old, her fur was falling out and her paws and nails were a mess. Every morning since then (almost four years) she and I say our prayers together - she stretches and covers her face with her paws - and we thank God for bringing us together.  Life is beautiful.

  6.  You may or may not have seen these:
    Adopt a Lucky Black Cat... They have superpowers!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdYvAinwWyc
    Black Cat Stick 'em up!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q5QR82Fu4E

  7. This kitty knows what she wants & how to get it. So Cute !

    I'm excited to add 2 new kitties to my family, Venus & Dhalia. I just hope my 4 furkids, 1 dog & 3 cats, forgive me. Kinda scared to change the routines we currently have but when I saw Venus I knew I had to adopt her. Dhalia is a bonus, thanks to Stacey at Good Karma Pet Rescue. One thing I do know, they will both get a good home with lots of love & scritches !!!! 

  8. so sweet! just hanging out in the laundry room!!!!

  9. That is wonderful about Venus finding a great home.

  10. That is such a cute kitten with a very loud motor. She has that human trained quite well
    Dorian, you are so wonderful to get all these cats adopted. That Venus is too cute. I am thinking about helping with the transportation. Just don't know if I can afford the gas. Hope you get enough people.

  11. OMC - love that scratchy voice!!

    Thanks for all you do for cats! I signed up (and live near Cleveland hehe)

  12. God bless you for your kindness. I'm wishing you and your fourlegged family much joy and pleasure wirth Venus and Dhalia. May you all enjoy each others company and remain healthy and happy. 

  13. omg.  THE EAR FLOOF <3 <3 <3


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