Sep 23, 2012

This Cat is Not in the Mood

Don't get any crazy ideas about trying to pet this cat or show him any love right now. He is NOT in the mood. At all.

Go ahead, try it if you want... and feel the power of the paw! I'm telling you, he has a mean right jab.

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  1. sweetie, that's not a cat. time to get your glasses checked

  2. Sorry! Somehow I had the wrong video code embedded. All fixed!

  3. Texas, a Cat in New YorkSeptember 23, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    MOL Always ask the kitty first!

  4. If there has been any teasing, that's the reason. Don't go there! Been there, done that many years ago but she only did it to those who aggravated her.

  5. it was still a funny video :)

  6. Oh my! somebody doesn't want lovin'! EEEEK!


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