Nov 21, 2012

High-Flying Cat Jumps Six Feet in the Air for Toys!

Nya the cat can jump up to reach her toys -- all the way on the ceiling!

Her mommy hung a mouse from a string higher and higher, and each time, Nya would jump up and grab it... all the way until the mouse was more than six feet up in the air!

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  1. That's the most remarkable cat video I have seen in a while.
    You can almost hear the cat:
    "Again? Haven't these humans ever hear of shelves?"

  2. Miss Frankie (my cat) liked that video!

  3. Wow! That is amazing! I loved how they did this video.

  4. Yikes!! Hey, Happy thanksgiving to my Cute pallies!

  5. That was wonderful to behold! Shes amazing, and her human is very talented!

  6. What a great video! What a fantastic cat!!! Wow! Such strength to push himself up so high like that. Incredible!


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